Our thematic priorities

Gender based violence

Violence against women / girls
Sexual violence against men / boys
Abuse and violence against minors
Violence against LGBTIQ minorities

Fight against sexual violence and other types of gender-based violence, prioritizing violence against women.


Diseases / debilitating syndromes
Stigma, exclusions

Support for the integration and autonomy of people living with a disability, physical and / or mental.

Violations of fundamental rights

Crime against humanity, genocide, torture
Land grabbing, ethnic minorities rights
Human trafficking, modern slavery
Natural disasters

Fight against serious violations of fundamental rights affecting vulnerable people due to a specific situation.

Our geographic priorities

18 priority counties

On an exceptional basis, the thematic criteria may take precedence over geographic ones, hence the importance of sending first the Identification form along with a conceptual note.

AsiaAfricaMiddle East &
Noth Africa
Central Amarica






 Burkina Faso



Central African Republic

 Sierra Leone








Key numbers


Some examples of projects funded by the Foundation

Gender based violence

1medica mondialeStrengthening and extending local solidarity and protection networks to reduce violence against women and girlsLibéria
2Public Association Crisis Center “Sezim”Protection of women and girls from discrimination and violenceKirghizistan
3Refugee Law ProjectMedical Support & Awareness Raising for Refugee Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence against MenOuganda
4Asociación Nacional Contra el Maltrato Infantil “CONACMI”Transforming lives of children and adolescents victims of abuse and sexual violenceGuatemala


1Project CirclegDevelopment of a lower-limb prosthetic system made of locally recycled plasticEastern Africa
2Sierra Leone Autistic SocietyImproving Outcomes for Children & Young People with Autism and Intellectual DisabilitiesSierra Leone
3Range of Motion “ROMP”Expanding access to Community-Based Rehabilitation for People with AmputationGuatemala
4Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed “CRP”Health & Rehabilitation ServicesBangladesh
5Service Social pour le Bien Etre de l’Enfant au Liban “SESOBEL”Projet interdisciplinaire pour les enfants atteints de maladies neuromusculaires / neurodégénérativesLebanon

Violations of fondamental rights:

1Asociación Pro Bienestar en Acción – Saaq Aach’ool Nimla k’aleba’al “SANK”Appui aux communautés indigènes Q’eqchi’Guatemala
2Friends InternationalHuman Trafficking Prevention – Saving Lives & Building Futures for Marginalised CommunitiesLaos

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